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IQ Fiber Partners with Vetro Fibermap


IQ Fiber was founded in 2021 by Ted Schremp with a mission to simplify internet service, provide more choice in the community, and offer a 100% fiber-optic network with reliably high speeds to their Northeast Florida communities.
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Jacksonville Business Journal Q&A with CEO Ted Schremp


What is IQ Fiber and how did you start the company? I've been in the telecommunications industry my entire career. I just turned 50, so about 30 years now. I've worked for AT&T. I worked for one of the large cable operators, Charter Communications, which is kind of the Comcast equivalent. And then I deployed Wi-Fi and broadband services in Jakarta, Indonesia. No matter where you are on the planet, you want Wi-Fi connectivity.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The internet is the heartbeat of the modern home. We’ve come to rely on it for work, education, entertainment, and shopping. Fiber is the best solution to provide internet because it is:

  • Fast — 1000 mbps (1G) of speed with fiber internet is about 20 times faster than standard cable. Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it waiting for your internet to load!
  • Reliable — IQ Fiber provides dedicated bandwidth directly to your home, so your speeds don’t dip during peak traffic hours or as more neighbors join the Fiberhood.
  • Symmetrical — Only fiber has symmetrical upload and download speeds so no matter what you’re doing, you can get it done quickly.
  • Future-Proof — Fiber cables are more lightweight, durable, and resilient than copper. Its bandwidth capacity far exceeds what any home requires, so we’ll grow with you as technology changes in the future.
  • Sustainable — Traditional cable uses about 12 times more energy than fiber. It generates less heat and is made from more sustainable materials.

Symmetrical speeds are when upload and download speeds are equal. Older mediums like cable and DSL are asymmetrical, meaning you aren’t able to upload data as quickly as you can download it. When your speeds are symmetrical it means video calls work better, video games play faster, and your photos upload in an instant.

The conduit we’re laying in your area contains fiber strands that will lead directly into your home. Each strand contains glass that refracts pulses of light, which is how data is sent to and from the devices in your home. This is much faster than traditional methods of sending data through electricity using copper wire.

5G is a form of wireless broadband delivered using nearby cell towers while fiber-optic internet is connected directly to your home. FTTH (fiber to the home) connections provide dedicated bandwidth while a 5G shares bandwidth with your neighbors. Though 5G wireless is great for mobile devices when you aren’t home, fiber-optic is much faster and more reliable to use for the many connected devices within your home.

Yes. In most cases you will be able to keep your existing services. However, once you move to our services, you’ll have enough speed and bandwidth to manage all your services over the internet.

It’s also easy to move to a voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) service like Google Voice or Vonage where you can keep your phone number. You always have the option to remove your home phone altogether in favor of using your cell exclusively instead. Most national security monitoring companies offer “cut the cable cord” services with faster response times than a landline can offer.

Read more on cutting the cable cord here:

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