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How to Interpret Your Results

Let’s break down what each part of your speed test means.

  • Download — Measures how quickly data transfers from outside sources to your device. It impacts web page loading, file downloading, and streaming service buffering.
  • Upload — Measures how quickly data transfers from your device to outside sources like the cloud or an app on your phone. It impacts sharing your screen during a meeting, posting on Instagram, and playing video games.
  • Ping — Measures how long it takes your connection to respond when called to transfer data. The lower the better!
  • Jitter — Indicates how many pings occur to and from your server when transferring data. The lower the number, the more stable your connection will be.

Get Internet at the Speed of Fiber

1000 Mbps

Fastest Speeds
$ 85 /Month

Four device screens highlighted

Stream, game, and work from home on multiple devices at once

500 Mbps

$ 75 /Month

Four device screens with two of them highlighted

Stream and game with a few devices

250 Mbps

$ 65 /Month

Four device screens with only one of them highlighted

For a few users with infrequent use

Included in Every Plan:

  • 100% Fiber-to-your-Home
  • Whole-Home WiFi
  • Send data as fast as you receive it
  • Technical Support
  • IQ Fiber Smart WiFi App
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Internet speed represents the maximum speed for which the service is configured and is based on the wired connection to the included fiber-optic gateway. Actual speeds may vary. Package price includes monthly internet access, a WiFi 6 fiber-optic gateway, and additional mesh WiFi units as determined by IQ Fiber installation technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many internet service providers will “throttle” their internet speed throughout the day. This happens during busy times where most people are using the internet. Speeds are purposely lowered so that everyone at least gets some bandwidth, even if it’s less that what is promised.

This is an indication that your internet isn’t using fiber-optic. Cable and DSL use copper wiring, which can’t support symmetrical upload and download speeds. If you are frequently uploading content (working from home, gaming, or using cloud services) you’ll want fiber-optic speeds and WiFi 6 technology you can rely on.

When choosing a plan, consider how many devices are connected to the internet at any given time in your home. That includes your cell phone, computers, smart TV, smart exercise equipment, and any other smart devices. The more devices you have connected, the more speed you’ll need. It’s also helpful to have more speed when you work from home or do a lot of gaming from your home.

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