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Frequently Asked Questions

The internet is the heartbeat of the modern home. We’ve come to rely on it for work, education, entertainment, and shopping. Fiber is the best solution to provide internet because it is:

  • Fast — 1000 mbps (1G) of speed with fiber internet is about 20 times faster than standard cable. Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it waiting for your internet to load!
  • Reliable — IQ Fiber provides dedicated bandwidth directly to your home, so your speeds don’t dip during peak traffic hours or as more neighbors join the Fiberhood.
  • Symmetrical — Only fiber has symmetrical upload and download speeds so no matter what you’re doing, you can get it done quickly.
  • Future-Proof — Fiber cables are more lightweight, durable, and resilient than copper. Its bandwidth capacity far exceeds what any home requires, so we’ll grow with you as technology changes in the future.
  • Sustainable — Traditional cable uses about 12 times more energy than fiber. It generates less heat and is made from more sustainable materials.

IQ Fiber specializes in fiber-optic internet that delivers streaming services to your home at lightning-fast speeds. We don’t sell TV or video packages like what you see from cable companies because our customers get more for less money when they switch to streaming.

It’s a common misconception that you lose TV, video, and landline phone services when you cut the cable cord. By de-bundling all of these services from your cable provider, you can get more of the channels you actually watch and save money too! We recommend that when you sign up for IQ Fiber, you start using a streaming service that includes live TV options to replace your current cable package. Learn more about streaming services on our blog, or you can call us at 904-289-1000 and we’ll walk  you through some popular options like YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV.

Symmetrical speeds are when upload and download speeds are equal. Older mediums like cable and DSL are asymmetrical, meaning you aren’t able to upload data as quickly as you can download it. When your speeds are symmetrical it means video calls work better, video games play faster, and your photos upload in an instant.

The conduit we’re laying in your area contains fiber strands that will lead directly into your home. Each strand contains glass that refracts pulses of light, which is how data is sent to and from the devices in your home. This is much faster than traditional methods of sending data through electricity using copper wire.

First thing’s first – 5 Gig is different (and better) than 5G. “5G” is simply the name of a radio frequency used for wireless internet and is not an indication of speed. 5 Gig (short for 5 Gigabit) is a measure of how much speed you’ll get with a wired connection to IQ Fiber’s 100% fiber-optic network. 5 Gig is equal to 5,000 Megabits, which is the fastest residential speed available in most areas of North Florida.

So, how fast is 5 Gig exactly? For reference, streaming a 4k movie takes about 25 megabits per second of bandwidth. With 5 Gig internet, you could stream 200 4k movies at the same time with no lag! Stream, game, work from home, and connect as many household devices as you can imagine without any buffering. Homes are only becoming more connected over time, which is why faster internet is always better.




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