IQ Fiber is Building the Fiberhood!

IQ Fiber truck parked in front of the Atlantic Beach welcome sign.

Have you noticed IQ Fiber trucks and vans driving around your neighborhood and are wondering what may be going on? We’ve just started construction of a 100% fiber-optic network in Atlantic Beach. The IQ Fiber team is excited to build a Fiberhood that you’ll want to be a part of!

In this post, we will share who we are and will answer construction and service-related questions you may have. By the time you are finished reading this short article, we are confident you will want to know when service is available in your neighborhood!


Who We Are

IQ Fiber is Jacksonville’s only local residential fiber-optic internet service provider. We offer a lightning fast 100% fiber-optic network that was purpose-built for the modern internet. Our stress-free guarantee offers subscription-based billing with no fees, data caps or contracts. And we are right here in Jacksonville, FL with live, local experts who are ready to help.


Construction is Starting Soon

Step 1: Locating Existing Utilities

The construction process begins with the identification of existing underground utilities. Utility locating firms will be painting lines and placing small flags to mark current underground facilities. Some of these markings may be placed in your yard in the area near the road known as the right-of-way or easement.

Please do not remove the flags as it is state law they remain in place during construction. The paint is water based and will fade away, and all flags will be removed at the completion of construction.


Step 2: Fiber Construction

Once existing utilities are marked, our crews will arrive to install underground conduit and access vaults. The conduit serves as a path for the fiber-optic cable and is placed underground in the utility right-of-way. Access vaults are also placed in the right-of-way and are installed flush to the ground.

We promise to respect your property and will do our best to minimize disruption. Our crews work only during daylight hours, and any sod that is removed during the process will be replaced (we recommend that you water it regularly so that it grows back successfully.)



We appreciate your patience and understanding as we build a new, state-of-the-art fiber-optic internet network for your neighborhood. If you have any issues or comments about the construction process, please share them with us here.

For more detailed construction FAQ’s, please visit the construction page on our website.


Why Fiber?

The Internet is the heartbeat of the modern home and we’ve come to rely on its ability to connect us to work, education, entertainment, and shopping through multiple devices used at one time. A fiber-optic network delivers the fastest, most reliable symmetrical speeds to ensure your home has the fastest service it needs.

Symmetrical speeds are when upload and download speeds are equal. Fiber is the only residential technology that can offer full symmetrical speeds. When upload equals download speed, video calls work better, video games play faster, and your photos upload in an instant. 


Is IQ Fiber in My Neighborhood?

You can check to see if we have plans to build in your neighborhood here: Check Availability.

If you don’t see that your neighborhood is a planned area, the best way to advocate for it is to share the news! Like us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. If you are in an apartment, condominium, HOA or deed-restricted community, please speak to your property management company and ask them to sign up here to get more information about adding fiber to your community. We hope to see you around the Fiberhood soon, Jacksonville!

IQ Fiber yard sign stating that construction is underway in the area.