Cut The Cable Cord in 3 Easy Steps

Graphic of a family sitting on the couch together streaming a show on TV.

Over half of American households have cut the cable cord and drastically improved their day-to-day life. Cable services use dated technology and often require you to sign expensive contracts that bundle cable, phone, and internet services. When you switch to internet only, you get an opportunity to save money by streaming content you want while also upgrading to the fastest internet services available. Conference calls, streaming services, online gaming, and smart home devices will be faster and more reliable than ever, and all without the heavy expense and hassle that makes cable companies notorious. You can make the switch today in 3 easy steps!


1: Find a Faster, More Reliable Internet Choice

Fiber-optic is the best type of internet you can get. The internet is the heartbeat of your home. On any given day, you could be watching TV, have multiple phones and tablets running, and maybe even a gaming console or two. You could also have security devices or voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home, not to mention all the laptops for work and homework.  To handle all that internet traffic plus streaming your favorite shows and movies on Netflix, HBO Max, and YouTube, you need a super-fast internet service with great bandwidth. 

Fiber-optic is built for the internet age. It runs about 20 times faster than traditional coaxial cable and provides symmetrical speeds, meaning you can upload data just as quickly as you download it. Fiber is also more reliable, durable, and sustainable than cable, which is why it is the backbone of the internet. We recommend switching to IQ Fiber for the speed and reliability of fiber, plus the local customer service and our Stress-Free Guarantee: no hidden fees, contracts, or data caps.


2:  Break Free of The Bundle

If you have cable, it’s most likely bundled with other services like home phone or security. Bundling is a classic tactic used by cable companies – they tell you the price of the bundle is lower than the price of each service by itself. They give you a low price for your first 12 months, then the price goes up and you’re stuck paying it. 

Most IQ Fiber customers save money by cutting the cable cord and de-bundling. It may seem daunting, but we’ll help you do it. It’s easy to move to a voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) service like Google Voice or Vonage – and you can keep your number. You can also decide to cut the home phone line entirely and switch to mobile instead.

Most national security monitoring companies offer “cut the cable cord” services.  While older security services often required a landline phone to work properly, now you can get a universal adapter that converts the older systems into a digital signal that is sent over the internet – getting faster response times than the landline provided. The bottom line is that de-bundling gives you the freedom to leave your cable company and save money.


3:  Choose the Streaming Service That Fits Your Family’s Needs

Almost all new TVs offer the ability to download apps for streaming, gaming, sports, music, and more. If you are attached to your current TV and hesitant to replace it, as long as it has a USB adapter, you can “make it smart” by adding a Roku Stick, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or Apple TV.

Once your TV is connected to streaming apps, it’s just a matter of subscribing to the ones that offer your family’s favorite shows and games. From the big names like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to niche services like Pantaya and Crunchyroll – you can find all the programming that your family already loves.

If you want local news, sports, and the ability to record shows, then take a look at YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, or Hulu + Live TV.  YouTube TV is not the same as YouTube.  YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service with the ability to record shows to a cloud DVR and get on-demand shows or movies.  DirecTV Stream and Hulu + Live TV are very similar but each has its unique features. The IQ Fiber team is happy to help determine what will work best for your family. 

Once you select the programming your family needs and sign up for their accounts, you’re ready to access them on any of your smart devices. Plus, with fiber-optic internet, you can enjoy them faster than ever before.

When you’re ready to cut the cable cord, call IQ Fiber at 904-289-1000. You can also check availability in your area.