Give Your Tenants Fiber

Did you know that 94% of renters rank internet as an important amenity? With increasing bandwidth demands of streaming, gaming, video conferences, and multiple devices all online at once, the existing copper-based internet in the community bogs down when everyone hops online, mainly because it’s a shared connection, splitting the bandwidth among residents.

Fiber optic internet provides a dedicated connection to each residential unit individually and is unaffected by the neighbors’ online usage.

Here are three reasons why you would want to upgrade your rental property with fiber fast internet:

More Value

Not only does fiber add an average of 3% to your overall property value, renters are willing to pay $100 more per month. They won’t have to pay any installation or equipment rental fees and neither will you.

On average, fiber adds a 3.1% increase to your overall property value. Offering fiber optic internet can potentially drive an increase in rental income. According to a recent study, property managers who offered high-speed fiber optic internet as a utility option saw an average of 8% increase in monthly rent after adding the service. Many communities do not include the internet as part of the monthly rent and therefore do not incur the added cost, the property management company can benefit from the 8% profit uptick.

More Reliability

Since we run the fiber directly to each unit, your tenants will also get a faster, more reliable internet option with symmetrical (same upload as download speeds) up to 1Gbps! And you’ll have less mess to deal with.

No Games

We won’t lock your tenants into a contract, charge any installation or equipment rental fees and there are no data caps. They will also get live, local experts for ongoing support – you don’t have to manage a thing! The only games they’ll be playing is on their video game console.

Fiber-optic internet costs about the same – or in some cases less – than older, slower copper internet. In fact, on a megabits-per-second (Mbps) basis, fiber optic internet costs considerably less than copper internet because consumers are getting more megabits per dollar spent.