The Ultimate Guide to Streaming NFL Games

Whether you’re a die-hard Jacksonville Jaguars fan or root for another NFL team, you don’t need to worry if you can’t make it to the stadium! We’ve got you covered with a no-nonsense rundown of the platforms where you can stream NFL games. There are options that cater to both budget-conscious viewers and those looking for the best viewing experience.

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The Vital Role of High-Speed Internet

Before we explore your streaming options, let’s address a crucial player in your NFL game day experience: high-speed internet. A reliable internet connection is essential to fully enjoy every touchdown, tackle, and game-changing moment in real-time.

Buffer-Free Streaming

Fiber-optic internet ensures you won’t be left on the edge of your seat during a live game while your streaming service is buffering. IQ Fiber has the most responsive speeds in Jacksonville with the best latency, 42% better than the local competition.*

Crystal-Clear Quality

You can savor the games in stunning high-definition, capturing every detail on the field. Fiber internet supports your streaming services whether you are viewing in 1080p, 4K, or even 8K.

Multi-Device Support

Whether you’re streaming on your smart TV, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or multiple devices at once, IQ Fiber’s lightning-fast internet can handle all your devices without a hitch.

But don’t just take it from us! According to Ookla® Speedtest® data*, IQ Fiber has:

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  • The fastest internet download speeds in Jacksonville (9% faster)
  • The fastest internet upload speeds in Jacksonville (18% faster)
  • The best internet latency in Jacksonville (42% better)
  • The best internet consistency in Jacksonville (4% better)

More consumers than ever are choosing to switch to fiber-optic internet. IQ Fiber offers faster, more reliable internet than traditional providers. With dedicated bandwidth, symmetrical speeds, and a local customer service team, we will make sure that you don’t miss a single play. Check to see if your home is in an available Fiberhood and experience a better connection with IQ Fiber.


Free Streaming Options: Budget-Friendly Choices

Start streaming right away with no payment required using these services:

NFL Mobile App

The NFL’s official mobile app offers free live streaming of local and primetime games. You can also see breaking news, videos, and highlights on all your favorite teams (for smartphones and tablets, you can also cast to your TV when you want to view on a bigger screen).


Some NFL teams and players have experimented with streaming games on platforms like Twitch. While this isn’t a consistent option, it’s worth checking if your favorite team or player is streaming their games for free.

NFL Game Pass Free Trial

NFL Game Pass sometimes offers a free trial period during the preseason, which allows you to watch live preseason games for free. So check back often to see when this might be available to you.

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Paid Streaming Options: Elevate Your Game Day Experience

NFL Game Pass

This subscription service gives you access to replays of every NFL game, including exclusive all-22 coaches’ film, live out-of-market preseason games, and more. Ideal for fans who want an in-depth analysis.

YouTube TV

Access major NFL broadcasters like ESPN, CBS, FOX, and NBC along with other local broadcasts and the convenience of unlimited cloud DVR and multi-device viewing. Youtube TV is a flexible and user-friendly way to dive into the excitement of NFL games as well as the only streaming platform with NFL Sunday Ticket.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is the exclusive streaming destination for Thursday Night Football. If you already have Amazon Prime, you can stream your favorite NFL teams at no additional cost.


ESPN+ offers live streaming of Monday Night Football games. Perfect for those Monday night matchups.

Other Live TV Streaming Services

Services like Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, Paramount+, FuboTV, and many others provide packages that include NFL games on various channels like ESPN, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Choose the one that suits your viewing preferences and budget.

With a reliable streaming service and IQ Fiber’s fiber-optic internet, you’re set to enjoy every moment of the game. No more lag, just a smooth NFL viewing experience.


About IQ Fiber

IQ Fiber stands head and shoulders above the competition as the fastest internet in Jacksonville! Our fiber-optic internet service offers lightning-fast speeds, unmatched reliability, and a customer service experience that puts you first every time. With IQ Fiber, you’ll never have to settle for subpar internet, hidden fees and contracts, or automated customer service bots again.


* Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for fixed median download and upload speeds, multi-server latency, consistency score, Jacksonville, June – August 2023. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.

Please note that the availability and reliability of the above-mentioned free and paid streaming options for NFL games may change. We cannot guarantee their continued accuracy or performance. We recommend verifying the current options and restrictions with the respective platforms or the NFL’s official website. Your experience may vary based on your location and the specific game you wish to watch.