Managing Your Internet Just Got Easier

The holiday season brings joy, laughter, and quality time with loved ones. It also means guests borrowing your WiFi, more devices connected to the network, and more bandwidth being used every day while your family is home for the holidays. With everything you already have going on this time of year, managing your WiFi should be quick, easy, and reliable. With IQ Fiber, it is! 

IQ Fiber Smart WiFi App

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the things that make our lives a little easier, like the IQ Fiber Smart WiFi App! Here, you can manage parental controls, view connected devices and signal strength, and adjust your settings from anywhere. Our app empowers customers to take control of their WiFi network – but we’re still always ready to help when you need us! 

Here are some of the most popular features on the app: 

  • Add a Guest Network: A guest network is open for anyone to use, but it excludes access to connected devices and private security settings. This is a great way to provide internet access for guests who come and go during the holidays while keeping your network secure. 
  • Easy Network Sharing: Most of us have experienced trying to share network logins by reciting a 100-digit password (then inevitably having to repeat it after one letter isn’t capitalized). Now, you can automatically send login information to a guest from anywhere through the IQ Fiber Smart WiFi app! 
  • Parental Controls: As families come together, ensuring a safe online environment for children is paramount. The Smart WiFi App provides parental controls where you can manage internet access by person, device, or room. Now, you can enjoy peace of mind even when you aren’t there. 


Benefits of Faster Speeds During the Holidays

The holiday season always brings increased internet usage. Whether it’s streaming movies, video calls with loved ones, or remote work, having a reliable high-speed internet option is crucial to keep your household running smoothly. IQ Fiber’s 1 Gig and 5 Gig speeds offer: 

  • More Bandwidth: Most people give or receive new devices as gifts during the holidays. New phones, TVs, computers, and smart home devices will continue to add traffic to your network. Fiber-optic internet (especially the IQ Fiber Gig plans) will meet the demand for increased data and speed with ease. 
  • Seamless Streaming: Imagine a holiday movie night where everyone in the family is streaming a movie on the big screen while also using at least one personal device to scroll social media – all at the same time. No matter how many devices are connected to your network, it’s important that your movie never buffers! Cozy up and enjoy uninterrupted streaming no matter the time of day or how many devices are connected. 
  • Efficient Remote Work: Many people work from home throughout the year, but it’s especially common to take some time over the holidays. You may have a full day of video conferences or just a few emails to catch up on, but you can rely on the IQ Fiber network no matter what you’re doing. After all – the faster a document uploads or your changes are published, the faster you can get back to family time! 


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Why IQ Fiber?

IQ Fiber is the ideal choice for stress-free internet year-round. You already know fiber-optic internet is fast and reliable – here’s why IQ Fiber is different: 

  • Switching Is Actually Easy: Between cancelling your old service and switching over all of your devices, upgrading your internet can feel intimidating. Although we can’t make other providers any easier to work with, IQ Fiber will take care of everything else. Our professional installers will move all of your devices for you, and they don’t leave until every room in the house is connected. Have questions or concerns after your appointment? We’ll cover that too, at no cost. 
  • No Contracts, Fees, or Data Caps: The price you see is the price you pay, period. Plus, how many internet providers can say they’ve never increased their prices or charged a single fee? IQ Fiber can.  
  • Local Support: We’re based in North Florida. When you speak to an IQ Fiber employee, you’re speaking to a neighbor who is invested in the community. This means we provide more hands-on assistance, better responsiveness, and proactive communication. 

Our goal at IQ Fiber is to give our neighbors a new choice for better, faster internet. Give yourself a stress-free upgrade this holiday season!

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