Customer Spotlight: Scott Perry – IQ Fiber’s First User

IQ Fiber’s first customer ended up being the perfect person to demonstrate the massive capabilities of fiber-optic internet. On August 18, 2022, roughly a dozen IQ Fiber employees came together to complete the installation and document the event. Scott Perry’s installation took under an hour and late that afternoon, he became the very first person to be connected to our 100% fiber-optic network.

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It had taken IQ Fiber less than a year from company incorporation to having its first fiber-optic network completed and ready for use. Perry’s neighborhood near Jacksonville’s San Marco neighborhood had been built in the 1960s and 1970s and had never had access to fiber-optic internet. Prior to 2022, residents were stuck with expensive, slow coax cable internet.

IQ Fiber gave Perry fast, symmetrical Wi-Fi speeds at a lower price and enabled him to turn his home/workspace into a smart home. Perry’s cord-laden antiquated cable router was replaced by a single fiber-optic gateway that was easily connected through the outside wall. The new setup was a lot cleaner and ensured his entire home had a strong Wi-Fi signal.

“I run 60 devices with no problem,” Perry said. “There are four wireless cameras along with home automation. Everything communicates over Wi-Fi.”

Unlike other providers, IQ Fiber’s drop crews bury the fiber-optic lines from the street to the residence before the installation ever takes place. This way, the lines cannot be damaged by heavy equipment or wildlife. For Perry’s home, the NID (Network Interface Device) was already in place for the IQ Fiber technician.

“I run a business out of the house, and I was concerned that this could be a hiccup, and it wasn’t,” Perry said. “Everything was done properly, and everyone was super nice. We had a fun time with it.”

Since the installation, Perry has expanded the use of Wi-Fi in his home and has turned his home office into a video editing station with multiple laptops.

“I tested [the speed] from my phone and it has been hitting like it did when they installed it,” Perry said. “It just stays working with no speed issues at all, and we have four VPNs connected out.”

Perry’s internet bill has never gone up. It has been $85/month for 1 GIG service since the installation, with everything included. IQ Fiber offers whole home WiFi at one flat price with no contracts, no extra fees, and no data caps — ever!

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